Accept debit card payments


Debit cards, ranging from local- to internationally accepted cards such as Maestro or V PAY, are frequently used throughout Europe. They differ from credit cards in that a debit card transaction is debited immediately from the Card Holder’s account. European Merchant Services does not issue debit cards but processes debit card payments for your company.

Accepting debit card payments: a must in Europe

European Merchant Services processes debit card transactions (Maestro, Visa Electron and V PAY cards) for your company. Customers from e.g. Germany, Belgium or France will be able to buy from you in a very easy manner. By accepting debit cards you will spare your customers a walk to the cash dispenser and they will be happy to pay you in a normal, familiar way.


Foreign customers mostly use a Maestro card, identifiable by the logo which also appears on your own bank card. The first Maestro card was issued in 1990. Throughout the world more than 500 million Card Holders can make their payments with their Maestro Card at over 8,4 million points-of-sale. Click here for more information

Since the introduction of V PAY by Visa in 2005 this European debit card has established a considerable market share in Europe. All V PAY transactions are secured by the EMV chip and pin technology. Click here for more information

Visa Electron
Visa Electron is a debit card which is used by a large audience throughout the world. Visa Electron operates in a way which is largely identical to the pin pass for Dutch consumers. When customers pay with their Visa Electron card, a real-time balance check is carried out and the payment is processed immediately upon authorisation. Click here for more information

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