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EMS PCI Protection Program

Criminals are constantly looking for improperly secured websites to steal card and customer details in order to commit fraud. Whether your company is big or small, everyone can become the victim of this type of criminals. If card or customer details are stolen from your company, credit card firms will hold your company responsible. Therefore, it is important to protect the credit card and transaction details of your customers.

Protect your customers’ details with the EMS PCI Protection Program

PCI DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard) is a collaboration between large credit card companies, which have drawn up and continually develop the guidelines for the safe storage of card details and transaction information. If you are a (web) retailer and you comply with this standard, then you are optimally protected as an (online) organization. Therefore, participating in the EMS PCI Protection Program is mandatory for our clients.

Your benefits

- By complying with the safety standard, you ensure optimal protection against fraud
- You limit the risk of image damage and high fines imposed by the credit card companies  

How does it work?

In collaboration with our partner Sysnet Global Solutions we offer you a package with an all-in-one solution to protect credit card payments and your customers’ details. As an EMS customer, you will receive login details for our secure portal. Here you have to complete a questionnaire in order to determine whether or not you comply with the safety standards. If you are compliant, you will receive the PCC DSS Certificate. If not, EMS will help you to solve this problem. You need to renew your certification every year.

EMS customers receive a collectivity discount

The mandatory PCI DSS certification costs approximately € 200 elsewhere, but we can offer it for just  € 49,95 per year.


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