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Additional services and products for webshops

European Merchant Services supplies the professional and safe processing of all debit card and credit card transactions in your company. Besides processing and securing payment of transactions, European Merchant Services also supplies additional services. Below is a condensed overview with links to the corresponding product pages:Additional services:
EMS eDCC, EMS Reports, MasterCard SecureCode & Verified by Visa and EMS FX

European Merchant Services can supply EMS eDCC, Dynamic Currency Conversion, which offers your customers the facility to pay in their own currency, while you make a profit on the conversion.

EMS Reports gives you 24/7 access to your transaction information in the form of clear reports on payments and costs incurred.

MasterCard SecureCode & Verified by Visa 
Prevent fraud and protect your profits with MasterCard SecureCode & Verified by Visa. These products by MasterCard and Visa make credit card payments more secure and guarantee payments for e-commerce Acceptors. This technology protects you against nearly all instances of fraud-related chargebacks.

EMS offers credit and debit card support in the currency of your choosing since all international currencies are being supported. Additionally we offer you a choice between 12 currencies in which we can pay you.

EMS processes your payments quickly and securely. We also supply additional services which provide insight into your money transfers.

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