PAY.ON AG is a leading provider of payment and risk management technologies and global processor of online payment transactions.

We operate two processing platforms, i.e. PayPipe, the world's largest independent payment routing gateway and PaySourcing, the leading white-label Platform as a Service (PaaS) enabling to start a payment business within 48 hours. Payment providers grow on a global scale with our products by outsourcing their technical transaction processes, expanding their services and connecting to leading providers of the industry.

As your loyal payment processor, PAY.ON connects you on a highly efficient and reliable basis:

Maximum flexibility: we connect you to all payment methods worldwide or scale you up to highest peak loads

Maximum connectivity: from Europe’s most powerful Internet node, our fully redundant London data centres offer you maximum availability and real-time failover capacities

Maximum loyalty: we do not contract merchants, we are not a payment service provider our clients act fully independent

Maximum security: we are PCI certified and independently monitored

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