Escalion develops and provides online bank card payment solutions which can be used internationally, irrespective of your country or your bank (internet payment service provider, IPSP ).

Escalion offers developed technology and a tailor-made client service to the participants of online sales (both customers and merchants) to manage their online activity.

Escalion was established by companies and professionals who spent many years in the world of online payment, electronic sales and web shops, as merchants. During the 10-year period of gaining personal and professional experiences, we noticed what is missing on the service providers` side.

We created and keep developing our services for online vendors and web shops on the basis of experience we gained. Our purpose is to allow our customers to use the online bank card payment solution as a tool of facilitating sales and to dedicate their time to developing their business instead of administration.

To achieve this goal, we complemented transaction processing with multi-lingual, non-stop client service, intelligent fraud prevention system, risk management and statistical and reporting tools. Thus online merchants only need to check their transactions, concentrating on sales in the remaining time.

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