Billing & Payment Provider

For years, Buckaroo has been a provider of Billing & Payment services for companies in the Netherlands and elsewhere and helps ensure optimal processing of the payments and reducing failures using Buckaroo’s unique system, companies can send e-invoices, online giro collection forms, e-reminders, online demands for payment and more, all in their companies’ own house style.

Buckaroo’s payment solutions combine the advantages of electronic payment processing and your current order and payment processes – all integrated in one system, in which you can indicate what payment methods, modules and functionalities you wish to use. Moreover, all of this can be linked to your own existing systems so that your accounting system is always up to date.

Buckaroo arranges the payment processing for more than 3,000 companies. The payment solutions are utilised for: subscription and membership management, rent, donations, policies or (one-time) sale by invoice or over the internet. Buckaroo assists companies in their efforts to increase efficiency in the area of issuing payment requests and processing payments through the optimal use of internet applications.

Many Buckaroo customers already use the extensive Buckaroo PayperEmail module, to which the online giro was recently added. Using this module, you can quickly, effectively and securely send your customer or business partner an e-mail requesting payment in your own house style. In this way, you enable your customer to make payment in a fast, reliable and simple way using a payment button.

Other time and cost-saving Buckaroos modules are:

• Buckaroo Subscription Services
• Buckaroo Credit Management
• Buckaroo Call Center
• Buckaroo BetaalGarant
• Buckaroo Financial Logistics

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