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Will you become an EMS partner?

EMS cooperates with many partners who are a good addition to the payment convenience we already offer.

Studies show that revenue potential is not always fully utilized by companies.This is often caused by ignorance or lack of specialist knowledge.

Offering payment services is such a specialty. We support customers in choosing the appropriate payment service for their company. Every day we do our utmost to provide our customers with the best advice, service and performance.

Are you offering your customers a specialized service whereby they can grow their business faster, or offer their customers an even better service? Do you offer services that deliver safer or easier payments, deliver fraud prevention or webshop software? Are your employees available to offer the customers the best possible service? Then we would like to talk to you!

Fraud & risk

Fraud is a significant loss of income. That’s why we pay close attention to fraud and risk at the customer level. Our fraud team keeps a close watch on the latest fraud trends and shares these insights with our customers. Furthermore, our team that supports our customers tort litigations is available when needed. Do you offer services that make the payment environment more secure? Then we would like to talk to you.


By focusing on specific industries, we are an interlocutor regarding payment solutions within these industries. Do you also focus on these target groups with your products and services? Please, fill out our web form and we would like to meet you.

We have extensive experience in airlines, retail, gaming, ticketing, and foreign exchange industries.


Our reporting tool provides our customers with comprehensive insights into their financial transactions. This way, our customers can concentrate on their core business; entrepreneurship. If you also provide your customers with reports and insights that support them grow their business, make an appointment with us.

European Merchant Services history

EMS is an one-stop-shop for payment solutions for e-commerce and multi-channel customers that focus on specific sectors like retail, airlines, hospitality, and gaming. We are a joint venture of First Data, a world-wide data processing company, and ABN AMRO. Due to this joint venture we have many years of experience within the payment processing industry, and use this to help entrepreneurs find the right payment solution for their business.

Advantages of working with us:

  • Solid partner
  • Extensive world-wide network
  • Many years of expertise

Here are just a few of our partners
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