Point of Sale

Accepting credit cards on location makes payments easier for your customers and expands your potential market. Unfortunately accepting credit cards also carries risks. European Merchant Services wants to give you as much information as possible about the risks of fraud and chargebacks. You can take a number of measures to protect your company against unnecessary costs incurred by fraud. We will be happy to inform you on the following subjects: 

  • EMV - helps prevent credit card fraud by reading the chip on the card instead of the magnetic strip

  • Fraud - assists you in recognising a valid card and informs you on what to do when in doubt about a card or card holder
  • Your payment terminal - your payment terminal is your first line of defence against fraudulent customers. Which requirements does a good payment terminal have to meet to keep fraud out?
  • PCI - how to prevent credit card data from being stored on your system, thus making you a potential target for criminals? 
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