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Accepting credit cards via Mail order & Telephone order  makes payments easier for your customers and expands your potential market. Unfortunately accepting credit cards by internet, telephone, fax or mail also carries risks.

European Merchant Services wants to give you as much information as possible about the risks of fraud and chargebacksand about the best way to handle credit card data in a secure way. EMS has put together an information package ‘Secure Acceptance’ which can help you protect your credit card sales. 

The information package consists of 4 brochures which deal in great detail with the measures you can take to prevent fraud and chargebacks, as well as with secure data storage:

  • Creditcard Fraud & Prevention – helps you assess credit card fraud risks and contains useful information and tips on fraud prevention.


  • Chargebacks & Prevention – makes you aware of chargeback risks resulting from complaints or fraud and contains useful information on preventing chargebacks.


  • MasterCard SecureCode & Verified by Visa – on E-commerce security products by MasterCard and Visa: protect your company against damage caused by fraud.


  • Credit card data storage – how to prevent credit card data from being stored on your system, thus making you a potential target for 'hackers'.




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